FrozenTEC Offers Over 340 Crystal ThermoElectric Modules & Assemblies

ThermoElectric Glossary
Thermoelectric modules   Thermoelectric cooling module is a semiconductor device, that converts electrical energy into cooling power. Thermoelectric module operates on the principle of the heat pump, wherein one side is cooled and the other – heated.
Thermoelectric assemblies Thermoelectric assemblies, based on Peltier modules for different applications. The units have the following features: the ability to cool and heat, reliable operation in harsh conditions: dust, high and low temperatures, low noise.
 Power generation modules Thermoelectric modules, which convert heat energy (temperature difference) into electrical power. Power generation modules are used for wireless sensors networks (WSN) as a standalone power supply, at presence of excess heat, which can be converted into electrical energy. FrozenTEC is the official distributor of Crysrtal-Ltd  manufacture of thermometric cooling  modules and assemblies.