Micro Modules

In thermoelectrical module by David

The miniature TEC  Modules  are aimed to serve application that need limited or small amount of cooling and heating .
Maximum temperature for short time (to mount a module into unit): 130°С
Recommended operation temperature: up to 120°С • Max ΔT up to 75°С (at Thot=25 °С)
Minimal cycling stability in ON-OFF power cycling mode: over 60 000 cycles (cycle time is 60/60 seconds) •
Recommended operation current: 0.7 of Imax • Recommended operation voltage: 0.8 of UmaxApplications that require miniature Thermo Electric (TEC) modules:

  • Laser diode cooling
  • infrared systems
  • Electro- optics
  • Electronics equipment
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