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TEG -ThermoElectric Power Generation Module

Thermoelectric generation bases on Seebeck’s effect, which consists in the fact that in electrical circuit consisting of different materials, connected in series, an electromotive force emerges when contacts are maintained at different temperatures . Such circuit, composed of two different materials (semiconductors of n-and p-type conductivity), is called a thermocouple or a thermoelement . The device usually consists of tens or hundreds of thermoelements, connected in series . Traditionally, thermoelectric generators and materials are divided into high-temperature (up to 900 º C), medium temperature (up to 550 º C) and low temperature (300º C) . 

Thermoelectric materials are mainly based on solid solutions of Si and Ge (900 º C) solid solutions PbTe and SnTe (up to 550 º C); solid solutions Bi2Te3, Sb2Te3 and Bi2Se3 (up to 300 º C) .

We observed a rise in the demand for low temperature power generation thermoelectric modules for use with low grade heat sources . Based on the demand for thermoelectric modules with hot junction temperature up to  150 ºС, ( Delta T). FroznTec provides a wide range of such modules which you may see  in the table below.

Power generation modules

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