CrystalTherm is manufacturer of Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) and Thermoelectric Assemblies. Our products are based on Bismuth Telluride thermoelectric materials made by using own unique Bridgman growing method and hot pressing of nano and submicron powders.

CrystalTherm has a well-earned reputation of reliable supplier of Thermoelectric Coolers. Crystal supply its products to more than 25 countries.

CrystalTherm has a complete production cycle in Russia. Competence of our team starts from the development of thermoelectric materials in the R & D department and continues in the series production of Thermoelectric Modules (TEMs) and Thermoelectric Assemblies.

Innovative Company offers over 200 types of thermoelectric devices in the High Technology Market:

  • Standard Thermoelectric Modulesh
  • Micro Thermoelectric Modules
  • Multistage Thermoelectric Modules
  • Thermoelectric Modules with hole
  • High temperature Thermoelectric modules
  • Power generation modules
  • Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Air type
  • Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Plate type
  • Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Liquid type

bonn tech


Bonn Technologies is a privately-owned company based in Haifa, Israel. Established in 1974, the company has earned a name for its extensive know-how, experience and professionalism in producing precision air conditioning and cooling systems for advanced industries. Bonn products enjoy a global reputation for their custom-made nature, miniaturization and universality.

Bonn produces compressors and heat exchangers ranging from 50 watts to 35 kilowatts in a variety of combinations. The units can be integrated into customers systems or can operate as stand-alone units.

Bonn has a proven track record developing solutions for different heating needs. The company’s services range from design and prototyping to manufacturing.

Bonn products are custom-made and meet individual client needs.

Whether you require a simple off-the-shelf solution, or a complete custom-designed cooling system, Bonn can and will answer your needs.


Sysmetric is a leader in the highly specialized field of plastic raw material handling, with a successful track record in planning, know-how and performance. Sysmetric cover complete projects worldwide, from the planning stage, to production, installation and post project service. Our knowledge and experience are the key factors to our customer’s satisfaction. 
Sysmetric develops thermal solutions for testing and validation engineers in specialized fields including:
                – Semiconductor testing
                – Medical devices
– Climate chambers
                – Laser system



Beewen specializes in automated warehouses logistics. Expert in manufacturing of high quality automation ,  for Si Validation needs with strong customer orientation .
Our concepts and installations by leading technology and convince through quality, efficiency and reliability.
Advancements in our product lines are taken for granted.
Through years of experience in the field of automated warehouse logistics, we appear to our customers, both as general and in collaboration with our distribution partners as a reliable manufacturer of automated storage and material handling systems.



CAS’s mission is  to improve its customers design, to shorten the design process and to reduce the amount of prototype need, by practice engineering solution and with the aide of computerized numerical and optimization tools.

CAS offers mechanical, thermal dynamical and CFD systems consulting, using computerized analysis and simulation tools.

Based on over 20 years of experience, CAS experts will provide a valuable insights and input starting from the initial design concept and up to the final testing stages.

Using the latest analysis software packages and best in breed analytical tools, CAS provides thermal, mechanical, dynamical and CFD analysis, as well as simulation, taking into account all the aspects of conceptual and detailed design.



SAS Advanced Technologies offers a unique PCB engineering and assembly service. We are the official representative of Leeno 
In Israel. Leeno is the leading spring contact probe & IC Test sockets in the world and SAS strategic partner.