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In thermo electric assemblies by David

ThermoElectric Assemblies systems are used  for telecommunications cabinets, server rooms, cabinets with power electronics and battery compartments.  Developing our own production of active components of climate systems  FrozenTec is integrated into a system of suppliers of the world’s largest thermal stabilization device manufacturers. In manufacturing  of these products we use only high quality components and active cooling elements (thermoelectric coolers). Active use of thermoelectric cooling technology within past 10 years proved high reliability and efficiency of such systems.  Thermoelectric modules have been especially designed to achieve high coefficient of cooling (COP) and improved efficiency. Our line of assemblies offers a wide range of cooling power (5 to 250W) and operating voltage (12 to 110V). There is a possibility to produce customized devices with a function of condensate removal, but a MOQ is applied in these cases.
Only high quality accessories are used in manufacturing of thermoelectric assemblies..
Advantages of thermoelectric assemblies:

  • Low lag due to small size
  • Possibility of smooth and accurate control of cooling power and temperature mode
  • An arbitrary orientation in space and gravity field, resistance to dynamic and static accelerations and vibrations.
  • Easy switch from cooling to heating mode.
  • Absence of moving, wearing parts, fluids and process gases in the active operating component. As a result – long service life.
  • DC-powered.
  • RoHS compliant


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