thermal management for military application

 Thermal devices for today’s military system must be small and compact, due to stringent weight and space/volume constraints, as in fighter aircraft, where every ounce and each cubic inch can impact performance.

 Thermal solutions must  be able to reject heat efficiently, even where packaging volumes are limited and cannot be expanded .

Military systems must operate under conditions far more demanding than most civilian applications, from radar transmit-receive modules functioning in oppressive desert or tropical heat, to satellite and aerospace systems that deal with both electronics generated heat and intense ambient cold.
Yet mission- critical reliability is a must in all cases, whether conditions allow traditional maintenance or not. Finally, thermal engineers are being asked to help electronics designers meet the strict size, weight and power requirements set forth in today’s military specifications.

Thermal Electrical devices are  advantageous  for military cooling systems as they have no moving parts thus making them very reliable, ideal when precise temperature control is required. Able to operate in any orientation. Compact size make them useful for applications where size or weight is a constraint and excellent cooling alternative to vapor compression coolers for systems that are sensitive to mechanical vibration.