Custom Made Thermal Element

In thermoelectrical module by David

We offer custom production of metalized ceramic boards for special applications.

Operating Parameters: 

  • Plating thickness in the range from 10 to 300 microns
  • Adhesion of metallization to ceramic 100 -150 kg / cm2,
  • Resolution not less than 150 microns, solderability of metallization layers.

Development of new type of thermoelectric modules including multistage and micro modules. Heat exchangers with heat pipes.
Compact liquid heat exchangers made of aluminum and copper.
High-performance thermoelectric assemblies: air -air, contact -air and liquid -air.

Our research activities focus on the field of thermoelectricity and its applications. Our scientists continually carry out research that can significantly improve production technology and develop new methods for thermoelectric materials and products based on them.

The last two years we have taken another step – the production of thermoelectric assemblies created on the basis of Peltier elements and thermoelectric transport conditioner.

At the same time, we continue to work on improving of our thermoelectric material properties, technological and control equipment that allows us to be one of the world leaders in thermoelectric market. Our developments are protected by Russian and foreign patents.

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