We offer  development services using new type of thermoelectric modules including multistage and micro modules.

  • Compact liquid heat exchangers made of aluminum and copper. 
  • High-performance thermoelectric assemblies (air-air, contact-air, liquid-air) 

Our custom Thermal solutions utilize three major technology heat removal options:

1. Thermal Electrical Cooler based on Paltier elements using Liquid cooling (Process Control Water or Ethylene Glikol)   Pic1.
2. Phase change system using Refrigerant cooling cycle  (no liquid water is needed )  Pic 2.
3. Climate Bench top Mini Chambers to cool/heat full using air flow inside the chamber PCBs. Pic3


Custom made Liquid cooling for Silicon Thermal Validation -40c to 125 c    (pic 1)

2015-03-17 14 04 23 (002)

Artic Pahse Change Thermal enforcing system

Phase change for Si temp’ forcing system -40c to 120c (pic 2)

Desk Top Mini climate chamber temperature forcing system for PCB testing during operation ( pic 3)