Smart cooling for comfortable life

FrozenTEC provides custom Thermal solutions for specific Silicon validation needsbased in Zikhron Ya’akov Israel.  Our products are  custom-made and meet individual client needs. We have the knowledge and the engineering experience to support complex solutions in the field of Electronic cooling and Mechanical Automation.
We develop and m
anufacturer high efficiency Thermal solutions in the range of -60c to 125c , including : Thermoelectric Cooling Modules (TEMs) , Thermoelectric Assemblies,( TES)  Phase Change Cooling solutions, Bench Top Climate Test Chambers  and Automation handling (pick & place).

We offer over 340 types of thermoelectric devices:

Standard Thermoelectric Modules

– Micro Thermoelectric Modules

– Multistage Thermoelectric Modules

– Thermoelectric Modules with hole

– High temperature Thermoelectric modules

– Power generation modules

– Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Air type

– Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Plate type

– Thermoelectric Cooling Assemblies of Air-to-Liquid type

Phase change Cooling solution 

Bench -top climate chambers

FrozenTec is open for mutually beneficial cooperation in the field  of development, prototyping and production. Competence of FrozenTec with Crystal’s engineering team prevails in the research and manufacture of semiconductor material, Peltier elements, as well as thermal  management by thermoelectric energy conversion.