Thermoelectric solutions for Si Validation Labs

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FrozenTec provides  over 340 Crystal ThermoElectric Modules & Assemblies with excellent  cost- effective results.

 Our Elements become popular because of their high coefficient of performance, durability and attractive price. 

We do custom made TE Modules to fit your specific cooling power and size needs.


    1. New Air to Air Assembly with TA -AA-250 AC with integrated controller and Wifi /RS485 communication options Read  More

    2. New Thermoelectric Liquid Recirculating Chiller cfc-250 TE- AIC 110/220 Volt good  for Laser medical , food and biotech  applications   Read more.
    3. New Temprature Controller – Nominal Operating voltage 48volt  Max direct operating current 15Amp. See More
    4. New  Contact  to Air Assembly   TA-250-48-UV  with  260 w cooling capacity @  dT= 0  See More


        Committed to High Quality ThermoElecric Elements & Modules
  • We offer optimal solutions of Thermoelectric cooling and heating devices with an excellent price / performance ratio.
  • The advantage of partnership with our company is research-and-development and engineering support for complex solutions in the field of thermoelectric cooling and development of Thermal Control Systems on the basis of thermoelectric modules (TEMs).
  • Unique methods of vacuum application of barrier multi-layered coatings with Nickel Molybdenum sub-layer provide outstanding lifetime thermal cycling stability and longer lifetime of elements and modules.
  • High efficiency due to Unique Patented thermoelectric material growing – based on – Bridgeman method – an original patented technology for thermoelectric material crystallization from a liquid melt in a flat cavity, Providing thermoelectric elements (TE) with a crystalline structure oriented strictly along the direction of the current ,providing a unique combination of thermoelectric and mechanical properties.
  • Precise cutting electric spark method in deionized water
  • Automatic thermoelectric elements placement positioning on ceramic substrates by automatic assembly machine
  • Group soldering assembly of thermoelectric modules group soldering of semiconductor elements with soldering paste​
  • Lead-free soldering in full compliance with RoHS requirements